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2 in 1 Hair Dryer and Styler Brush
2 in 1 Hair Dryer and Styler Brush


US$ 52.20 US$ 58.00
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  • 2021-12-29
    This is great!!!!!
  • 2021-12-28
    Best thing for my hair that I have ever bought! The results were so good that I would have paid double the price. It made my hair so full my family thought I had added a hair piece
  • 2021-12-28
    It's wonderful. Dries hair faster than a blow dryer. Sounds normal doesn't bother. Love the length of the cable also you can extend it a lot. It's nice to the hair. Reccomend 100%
  • 2021-12-27
    My hair is long and many, and it will be very messy after washing every time. This is a very unhappy place for me, so I have been troubled for a long time. Later, with the recommendation of my friend, I bought this comb. Now I can use it to blow out my hair after I wash my hair, and it works fast. Finally, I don't need to worry about my hair any more.
  • 2021-12-27
    Love it, but handle is a little hard to hold.
  • 2021-12-27
    Perfect little tool. Use it a lot.
  • 2021-12-20
    I was pleased with how fast straighten my hair, just that my hands are small and had to used both to handle it.
  • 2021-12-19
    This is definitely an amazing tool to make my hair softer and look smoother than blow-dried hair! My hair is very thick and thick, which is very useful for those of us who do not have enough time or patience to properly care for the hair. The comb is not very heavy and the handle does not heat up. I am very satisfied!
  • 2021-12-19
    I just received this and I couldn’t wait to try it! It dried my hair while giving me volume. It is big, but was easy to use. This will save me so much time now!
  • 2021-12-19
    Gives you a fresh look on day two hair. Used to be I would have to do a ponytail or bun on day two. Now I can wear it down. It only takes a few minutes to run it through on day two. Day one it works well too, but I would expect that.
  • 2021-12-18
    Works very well on long hair, well worth the reasonable price.
  • 2021-12-17
    I have small hands wish was smaller bulky to use. Love the condition and style of hair after use
  • 2021-12-17
    This is my second purchase. First one burned out after a year of daily use I love this dryer! My only wish is for a smaller sized brush.
  • 2021-12-10
    This hot air comb is really good。I am a hair stylist, so the requirements for the hot air comb is also quite high, this hot air comb in drying hair and do modeling this aspect is very good, the style is done quickly, but also very beautiful, really recommend everyone to buy this hot air comb
  • 2021-12-09
    I like this electric comb very much. I saw several of them, but I chose their home. Their service is very good and they are very responsible. I received it today. I used it on my head. The effect is good. After the hair is washed, it can be rolled up after 8 points.
  • 2021-12-08
    I love this! I used to hate blow drying my hair with a round brush and a blow dryer. It was always so difficult for me. This makes it so easy.
  • 2021-12-07
    This is really awesome! I wish it had a cool air setting- but this is a great product none the less!
  • 2021-12-06
    I was hesitant to get this product but seeing it on FB and not wanting to buy there I came to amazon on the hunt. FOUND IT, same price and next day shipping!I was wary about this, a blow dryer and round brush in ONE? No way it's that powerful..IT IS! I love it. I'm not one to get caught up in gimics so this was a great PLUS that it isn't cheap plastic and it actually did the job.
  • 2021-12-05
    I was shocked. I really like it. I’m a hair stylist and I have used it I. My lady’s with very think wavy hair and it dries very straight and silky. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
  • 2021-12-05
    This little unit really does a great job. It gets hot in a hurry. I would definitely purchase again.
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